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    Wedding Hairstyles

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    Maybe your wedding is most crucial event of your life. You should look absolutely perfect from your head to your toe. A bridal or wedding hairstyles are generally very fancy for women as well as look outstanding for any event. For the men, variation is not very pronounced however in last decade, men also have taken some extra care to have their hairstyles, which are right for that big day. The most horrific of all the wedding hairstyles might probably be being bald! Some men that are balded or having boisterous hair prefer shaving their head totally as hairstyles for the wedding. If you have good shape with your head, you could carry it elegantly because there are some bald men there who look outstanding.


    In case, you are not daring and still like something completely different, which might change rather than impact, you might go for the Mohawk or Afro cut hairstyles. Or you might grow the hair long with putting it in the binding ponytail tied to back of the neck. You might even allow half of the hair loose as well as loped around the ears, and draw other half to the ponytail. It is certain to make the heads turn! In case, it is becoming very conventional wedding therefore you might rather conform that it could be better to stick with the short haircut hairstyles, which is cut elegantly at back as well as near your ears. You might add some bangs using the hair products to form your haircut face less intense. Walking at middle path, don’t be either too casual or too formal through settling the buzz cut, which is usually really short however with long strands on the top. It can provide you classic look.


    For the women, hundreds wedding hairstyles are available to select from. It can be quite difficult for any bride to choose being bald as hairstyles for the wedding! However, if you live life on edge, you could get it adds precise touch of the adventure to most crucial day in your life! Most of the women favor updos hairstyles for the wedding and seldom leave the hair down. All the wedding hairstyles normally complement bride as well as the wedding dress if accessorized in right with right ornaments. The Updos hairstyles are mainly cloaked curls on top of head with some tendrils down loosely. Few updos look outstanding when attended by the bangs ahead and with the loose tendrils supporting the face. Putting curls with the floral preparations looks truly great when compatible well with rest of jewelry and bridal dress.

    Most of the brides favor pure white color for the wedding, you might try little white flowers having small red ribbons arranged in the curls on top of the head. You might also have the earrings and necklace made from red and white stones. It is coupled with the red lipstick and you will look very attractive and refreshingly different.

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    Wavy Hairstyles

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    The versatility of wavy hairstyles means that there is so much that can be done with this style to help accentuate a woman’s look, and celebrities have embraced this style with great fervor. Here are 10 celebs who have taken wavy hairstyles to the next level.


    1. Malin Akerman’s amazingly subtle highlights of caramel, red and blonde snake their way through the locks of her waves proving that a little bit of experimentation goes a long way to achieving that uniquely brilliant look. Colors blend in well with waves as her centre parted waves slink down to her shoulders.

    2. Emma Roberts side parted waves keep it more casual with more naturally weaving waves giving volume to a texture that is very fine and thus giving hope to all girls out there with a finer textured hair.

    3. Real World star Jamie Chung’s amazing two-toned thick waves frame her face in a perfect way. These sun drenched waves of hair give light to her whole complexion which revels in what these waves do for her.

    4. Cowboys and Alien’s star Olivia Wilde wears her waves with amazing sophistication, with the sleekness of her hair giving a fun-like appearance to her complexion. To complement them, she opts for smooth and deeply set bangs that have twisted tresses that colored a caramel tone.

    5. Actress and singer Aly Michalka’s half-down, half-up pouf is certainly not perfectly styled but then again, waves don’t have to look perfect to look great. Her centre parting sets off beautiful blonde waves that slink down to the shoulders and are accentuated with an updo at the back.

    6. Ashley Tisdale usually has quite a lot volume on top, but then with waves flowing down they carry her volume down into brown auburn, waves that trickle off her shoulders. This is a gorgeous look if you have a lot of volume.

    7. Of all the Hollywood stars to totally dominate red waves, it is Bryce Dallas Howard. Her natural red flowing locks are so amazingly textured as they flow from a rough side parting down over her ears and over her shoulders.

    8. Another style icon with volume is model, Chanel Iman. But her hair is well controlled and styled to flow off a side parting and down the side of her cheeks giving a real vixen look to a cut that never goes out of fashion.

    9. Two-toned waves are hard to pull off, but the two-toned waves of Sophia Bush go from scarlet to brunette effortlessly and flow out of a centre parting accentuating her perfect eyes and give a frame to her complexion.

    10. Someone who isn’t afraid to experiment with her waves is star of Mamma Mia, Amanda Seyfreid who wears an amazing blond style in a chilled updo with waves that frame her slim cheek bones.

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    Updo Hairstyles

    - Author:

    1. Better known for her curlier styles, Megan Fox has used a good number of Updo hairstyles which include a pretty funky short cut style, a sleek back style and a pulled back pony tail updo. She can wear updo’s so effortlessly and her oval face does allow her to wear a great range of styles depending on the occasion, in fact there doesn’t really seem to be an updo that does not look good on her!


    2. Scarlett Johansson is one celebrity who really likes to keep things fresh in terms of hairstyles, and her updo’s are a prime example of this. She is often seen wearing a great range of different styles, including a medium soft sweeping style, a tight short-slick backed updo, and a uniquely-styled bun swept aside updo which more than anything, is a demonstration of boldness in opting for interesting styles.

    3. As a picture of elegance, Natalie Portman wears an updo hairstyle like everything else she wears; with effortless perfection. Her array of styles range from a soft at the front and tight at the back updo, that demonstrates her classically structured face and a flawless complexion, to a sleekly slick back style, and a gorgeous bun updo.

    4. As a megastar in her own right, Beyonce Knowles needs to stay ahead of the game in terms of hairstyles and her updo’s are a class apart. Examples of her styles include a stunningly sharp style which includes a wrapped bun braided updo, a wonderfully classic beehive style, and an effortlessly beautiful bun updo which sits high upon her head.

    5. As a global icon for kids and adults, Taylor Swift has natural beauty that is loved and admired the world over. Her updo’s have been varied from the wavy updo with curly bangs, a style with straighter bangs, curls at the side, an updo which is softly lifted, and an elegantly simple style for a more classical look to a sleeker updo which is straighter.

    6. For one who has always been seen as a bit of a rebel, Angelina Jolie has hairstyles to match and her updo’s are always more interesting than others! Examples of Jolie updo’s include a very loose style, a sophisticated and classy quaff style, a business like style to give feature to her amazing complexion, and a more complex bun updo.


    All of these demonstrate what a versatile and yet popular range of updo hairstyles there are to choose from and how celebrities have really grasped the array of styles available.

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    Teen Hairstyles

    - Author:

    For all teenagers, it’s important to have the look that looks great and fits in with what is going on in the current scene with teen hairstyles. So what are the styles of this year going to look like and which are the ones which are going to set tongues wagging in colleges all over the world?


    It is a great year for side ponytails. This look back to the 70s is well suited to long wavy hair that falls down below the shoulders and is worn with a centre parting. The hair trails down over the front of one shoulder before being set into a pony tail and settles with waves over the body. On the other side of the face, the hair is swept back behind the ear, extenuating the ponytail on the other side. It looks great on those with dark, auburn hair with heavy mascara as well.


    The half up, half down look is very much going for that appeal of indecisiveness this year. This look is again well suited to those with long hair, with the top put up, whist the hair falls down the back of the head and nestles just below the shoulder to give a suave and relaxed look.

    The side braid is a wonderfully sweet look which takes a braid down one side of the face and sweeps it across the shoulder falling just above the chest. The other side of face has hair that dangles slightly and drops tentatively below the neckline. A centre parting sets it nicely and gives room to play and experiment.

    A different style is blunt bangs where the hair is put up in a bouffant but the fringe is allowed to fall down to eye level and is then cut misshapen with some lengths cut shorter than others allowed to fall over the eyes. There are then stands of hair allowed to fall over the ears and onto the shoulders.

    Coming back for a return is the high ponytail which has a slicked back look into a bunched ponytail that is allowed to dangle at the back creating a low maintenance look for this year. Waves and curls are then allowed to settle at the back as it sweeps down over the back of the neck.

    These five great teen hairstyles for the year set the trend for long hairstyles this year and for teens throughout the world.

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    Straight Hairstyles

    - Author:

    There are many great straight hairstyles for men which will catch the imagination and grow into magnificence this year. If you like your hair straight with more than a hint of short back and sides this year then how about something from the 60s with a combination of 20s slick to help you along?


    With the huge success of Mad Men, men are indeed going mad for the style of Don Draper and those slick hairstyles are facing resurgence and more men than ever before are exploring what it is to be slick.


    Indeed, there won’t be any shortage soon of slick straight hairstyles in 2012 that will be requiring the use of clippers with the thinning of hair around the sides. This look is straight out of 1920s retro with slicked back hair complementing a really short clipped back and sides for that perfect ‘Road to Perdition’ look. But it’s not all 1920s and 1930s this year, with men experimenting with this short back and sides look with length on top either gelled or left alone. This look makes for a great undercut style with plenty of room for experimentation in there for good measure.

    Other great Straight hairstyles for men include the slicked back cut with a side parting that goes for the more refined look than its undercut counterpart. It is a real classic look revived and really does not require that much gel products to achieve the slick look that it gets.

    Now this really is a look that owes somewhat to Don Draper and his friends and really came back onto the scene in ‘09 and ‘10 with many different celebrities picking up on it. Where the short side parting look was once the domain of the older generation who liked a bit of style, the slicked side parting has been adopted by the younger generation who have taken it on as their own and adapted it to their needs and wants.

    In 2012 the slicked side parting will be seen more and more, both worn down the street or in the office where it looks fantastic with a suit. It is ideal for those men who have hair that is relatively straight and which sit nice and flat on a head and tend to behave whilst complementing nicely, the slick shape of the hairstyle.

    These two different Straight hairstyles for men are the cuts for men who like their hair a little straighter than the rest but are willing to experiment with something different for this year.

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    Short Hairstyles

    - Author:


    If you are seeking out short hairstyles for this year then there are few that you can check out that are really getting popular this year which offer fresh and different ideas to help you to stand out from the crowd.


    Experimenting with straight cuts

    What is really popular this year are straight cuts and pixie like bangs which look great on those that have small bony faces. However, be careful with trying out these kinds of hairstyles and it is worth experimenting before you do have the cut. Make sure that your hair is straight and silky as these kinds of cuts may not look good on other textures of hair.

    Celebrities with short hairstyles

    These kinds of hairstyles have been very popular with celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Winona Ryder, Keira Knightly and Victoria Beckham who have taken them on and made them their own

    Beckham in particular created a shorter cut that was colored a darker brown on the narrow side of her hair partition and then a silver blonde color on the larger side.

    Rhianna however has experimented with coloring her hair orange red over a short bob which is layered and has sharp edges and bangs falling below the forehead into her eyes. This kind of hairstyle is great for those with a face that is heart shaped with a long forehead. In Rhianna’s case she has a cut which is a semi circle which is inverted, which for a hairstyle is quite unusual.


    Ideas with a difference

    Other ideas from celebrities are to have a shorter cropped cut at the nape and then longer and at the front have pointier bangs with pointy edges to one side.

    Some have also added layers to their short hairstyles and have colored their hair a chocolate brown color that has dullish streaks of gold in it.

    Another idea is to have your hairstyle in a shorter bob that has the under layers protrude from the hairstyle. With this you can the color the upper layers of your hair in lighter tints and then the lower sections in tints of color that are much darker.

    If you are a natural blonde with great golden blonde hair then you should try a bob that is straightforward and simple in appearance and style for you to manage.

    Short hairstyles are even more popular than ever with the increasing range of celebrity endorsements raising the profile of the short cut more than ever.



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    Shag Hairstyles

    - Author:

    The Shag hairstyles are very attractive and easily manageable. It provides a confident and carefree attitude for women for all the ages as well as looks great for any length of hair. Its name was obtained from word ‘shaggy’ as when hairs are slashed in the layers or the uneven pattern it provides a bushy or shaggy look.

    These fashionable hairstyles were initially invented by the John Sahag in around 1970s. That was first displayed to public at movie Klute by Jane Fonda in the year 1971 however the style became fashionable when it was worn out by celebrity named Jennifer Aniston at well-known sitcom Friends. Subsequent to Jennifer, several celebrities like Victoria Princialy and Farah Fawcett also accepted these dazzling hairstyles. After that the approach was lost someplace with wind of the time however it took slow down in recent years with today becoming amongst the most modern trends.

    The Shag hairstyles are ideal option for the women having plump or round faces because the hairstyles soften the fatness of face and provides a lean look. Those having long hairs may easily go to the hair cut as well as add the beauty for the striking behavior. If hairs are very thick, the shag cut may provide a balanced plea making hair looks less chunky.

    Shag hairstyles are of different types relying on length of hair. Those having short haircuts may have small shags having some layers casing the face whereas few at back. It provides more identical look as well as also adjoins volume. The medium shag hairstyles may have the alternative of several or few layers relying on the personal desire and taste. In case, the woman selects to wear numerous layers then that will add the volume and of the fewer layers, the shag hairstyles will provide a sleeker look. Long shag hairstyles have a small number of layers for giving uniform and smooth look. In case, there are several layers for long cuts, it may look bushy and messy that will advance pull back beauty of style and personality of woman.

    The Shag hairstyles are easy-to-maintain as well as it is the reason why several women select for the trendy cut. Definite amount of concern must be provided to the hair regardless of the kind of style or cut. Just like others, the shag hairstyles must also be cared with regular shampooing as well as conditioning. Together with, trimming at the usual intervals is required also for the striking and long lasting effect for the hairstyles.

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    Sedu Hairstyles

    - Author:

    The Sedu hairstyles have become very fashionable and required after for the sexy and hot look. Jennifer Anniston, an extremely beautiful and talented actress, is renowned for the brand Sedu hairstyles. This appears that everybody in the tinsel city is sporting the absolutely silky and smooth Sedu hairstyles in recent times.


    The hairdresser of Jennifer Anniston uses the special flat and iron contrived by the Sedu. These hairstyles are achieved easily through using the flat iron. Look like the star has by no means are easier than immediately.

    The Sedu hairstyles may can sensational touch to all occasions. A few of suggested times of using this stunning as well as sexy hairstyles are special dates, proms, weddings or the occasion, which a girl desires to show up from crowd and get noticed.

    What makes Sedu hairstyle unexciting iron very unique is straightening iron can not damage or pull the hair. Sedu iron works quicker as well as keeps the hair looking wonderfully longer. It is because of extraordinary ceramic plates as well as infrared heat know-how, which may only be available in the Sedu irons.

    The results from Sedu hairstyle can be shiny and silky hair, which will show up in the crowd. For achieving an astonishing look like Angela Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez or other fine-looking actresses that are sporting sultry as well as Sedu hairstyles, particular attention requires to be compensated to health of the hair. Some things like hair condition, color, and length may play main part in way every personal Sedu hairstyle becomes visible.

    It is suggested that very good flat iron can be utilized when making ideal Sedu hairstyle. Idyllically, you might desire to get finest flat iron in market – Sedu. In case, it is unacceptable, ensure that you search for the quality ceramic flat iron, which won’t dry out or damage your hair.

    Instructions for creating ideal Sedu hairstyles are very easy. Start by washing the hair with some good shampoo. Smoothly pat the hair dry using a towel, and don’t fuzz the hair up with scrubbing it with towel. Make a combination with a conditioner pursued by a shaping gel.

    Blow the dry hair using a hairdryer as well as big round brush combining hair downwards, with keeping hairdryer pointed to downside as it will support hair to leave flat. When hair becomes dry and flat, then utilize Sedu iron as well as result must be an ideal Sedu hairstyles.

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    Punk Hairstyles

    - Author:

    The Punk style is a revolution it is a sub culture which has been around for decades now. It has inspired a new generation of kids. The Punk Fashion involves a combination of clothing, jewelry, body modifications and most important of them all a punk hairstyle. Punk hairstyle has been made famous by lead singers of punk rock bands and actors in the mainstream. It is quite evident that the punk culture is alive and kicking which is evident from the ever increasing population interested in punk hairstyles.

    There are a number of punk hairstyles which you can choose these days. The common feature of most punk hairstyle if you notice is short and / or colored hair. Let us take a look at few popular punk hairstyles.

    Pixie punk Hairstyle – The pixie hairstyle is a very cute low maintenance hairstyle. The title for this hairstyle is obviously inspired from pixies those naughty mythical creatures. This hairstyle helps you pull off a very cute yet naughty look. The hair in front on your face is kept short and also cut in a way so that it is pointed. The hair on the side is kept to a length just above your ear and can be easily tucked behind your ear.

    There are a number of variations of the pixie punk hairstyle. You can go for the choppy, classic, flipped, longer, sassy, short, two way and many more pixie punk hairstyles.

    The Long combed hairstyle – This hairstyle is best for you if you love your long hair and do not wish to cut it short to give yourself a punk look. It is a hairstyle which has been popular with the present generation of young punk followers.

    Your long hair is first parted down either side and the major portion is combed back over your head and away from your face. The remaining part of your hair is part off to the side. Most people prefer to color the hair with highlights.

    The Mohawk – The Mohawk is probably the most famous punk hairstyle. It has long been associated with the punk sub culture and is a very radical hairstyle. The Mohawk involves shaving both sides of the head and leaving a strip of hair in the center which is easily noticeable. You then can use hair gel or mousse to make your hair stand on end.

    These days most people prefer to leave a tuft of hair at the front of their head. This tuft of hair usually falls to either side of the face. The Mohawk is usually also dyed in bright colors to make it even more prominent. The Mohawk has been around for decades and is a hairstyle which truly expresses the true spirit of punk.

    These and many more gorgeous hairstyles form a part of the punk subculture. If you ask your hair stylist they can recommend and show you a number of popular punk hairstyle. Punk hairstyle is here to stay and you can now easily get your own punk hairstyle for less.

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    Prom Hairstyles

    - Author:

    With all the enthusiasm a definite amount of nervousness exists when the teenagers are face their forthcoming prom. For the girl, it can consist of wondering if somebody will ask her to go. And for the boy, he possibly will worry if girl say yes in case, asked. However, after this option is isolated, most of the girls start concentrating on the things like prom shoes, prom gowns, how they can do the makeup as well as the prom hairstyles. With hairstyles, you can find have different resources containing tips about different hairstyles accessible.


    One good thing about the hairstyles is, with more conventional up-dos are original ones, which are continuously being produced too. You must experiment with numerous different styles, a few, which you have tried earlier and maybe some, which you have wanted always for trying however never had the instance to go maximum.


    Keep in mind that the proper prom gowns as well as short dresses may likely entitle for extremely different hairstyles, therefore don’t make a decision on your hairstyles until you select the dress. In case, you may not afford to take your haircut professionally, then search online or magazines for different ideas or get somebody to help with your hair. You may also add the ribbon on your hair, which has same color of your dress.

    Several and diverse prom hairstyles are there, which start with the plain ponytail; for instance, you may put the hair in the high ponytail as well as pull numerous strands down in the region of your neck and face. Maybe you can slightly curl your hair wisps, which you drag free from hairstyles. Otherwise, divide the ponytail in two divisions and twist every section in random knots, which are pinned in back of the head, and again pull some small wisps exposed.

    Try and put your hair in the ponytail, which begins at midsection of the head as well as utilize the ribbon, which matches the prom gown for weaving the crisscross result into the hairstyles. In case, you choose to wear the hair in the ponytail, utilize the large curlers within the hair to make bounce and curl with maybe finishing it with the shine spray. In case of non excited party, just pull the hair in two identical pony tails, both low and high and knot two sections collectively. Utilize the bobby pins for securing or hiding any drift hairs that you may not want. Please don’t overlook that the weaving flowers, weather silk or real, into the hair is the best way to improve hairstyles with enormous feminine touch.

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