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    Bob Hairstyles

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    Have you been looking for a perfect bob hairstyle this season? Bob hairstyles are short haircuts for women that are either layered, a-line, or pageboy cut that is above the jaw level or just below the chin level. It can be worn with or without bangs depending on your preferences. Who told you that having short hairstyle can’t give you a glamorous look? First you have to determine the shape of your face so that you will know what type of bob hairstyles suits your face. Of course the texture of your hair and its waviness is also a factor in determining which bob hairstyle is perfect for you. There are many hairstyles, but why bob hairstyles are preferred by some? For busy people who do not have time to curl of straighten up their hair, bob hairstyles are best because it is more manageable and easy to wear. You can have fun under the sun with the different bob hairstyles from Asian bob, angle bob, spiky bob, ruff cut bob and many more! Whatever bob hairstyle you feel like doing to your hair, it surely can give you a classical look yet modern hairstyles.
    Asian Bob hairstyles
    Asian Bob Hairstyles
    This hairstyle is nice with thick hair perfect for Asians. This cut is usually chin length that can make your face playful and sexy. You can even style it with bangs and just below the chin level cut.

    Angle Bob Hairstyles
    Angle Bob Hairstyles
    This is cut from the jaw and then tapered down so that it can cup your face up to your neck. This is also perfect for those who have thick hair because the sides are slightly not sharp to give you a stylish look. You can also try putting bangs on it for a trendy look.

    The Nearly Bald Bob
    The Nearly Bald Bob
    If you watched Natalie Portman’s movie with that nearly shaved off hair, then you’ll have an idea what this is like. This is best for those who want to have a little hair. It is easy to manage and care for yet it can still give you a stylish look.

    Spiky Bob Hairstyles
    Spiky Bob Hairstyles
    If you want to imitate a rock star with spiky haircut, then why not try this kind of hairstyle. It is cut short and other parts are long to accentuate the spiky bob look. Have a spiky punk look like this and you’ll be noticed and be one to have the trendiest look ever.

    Ruff Cut Bob Hairstyle
    Ruff Cut Bob Hairstyle
    If you want to add volume to your bob hairstyle then this kind of haircut is for you. The curly waves and textured bottom cut can make you look amazing. It is easy to blow dry and comb by removing excess bulk in your hair, thus creating a hairstyle that has more manageable curl with a balanced volume.

    Inverted Bob Hair
    Inverted Bob Hair
    This haircut has a cute output because the lowest section is cut is such a way that it encircles your neck. It looks like a boomerang with its timeless and trendy look. Bangs or layers are also added if you want to add a little volume to your hair.

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