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    Long Hairstyles

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    Hair is women’s crowning glory. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short, what matters the most is that it is healthy, it glows, and that you can easily fix it to suit all types of occasions. Long hairstyles  is definitely what you want to go for. Even if it’s summer, you will still enjoy wearing your hair long. You can say goodbye to short bob cuts, and say hello to long hairstyles. This year, it is all about being and looking natural. Yes, adornments and hair accessories are still needed, but the all natural look is what you should try to aim for.

    In this article, we will talk about two of the famous long hairstyles of 2011.

    Long Hairstyle

    The Double Hair Knot – Last year, the double hair knot was a big trend. This year, it continues. It is loved by many because it is effortless to come up with this look. It doesn’t need hours to do this, as opposed to braided or plaited hairstyles. The double hair knot is simplified. You can do this, by letting your double hair knot to sit roughly on top of your neck’s nape and can be done a bit higher if you prefer so. You can also choose to wear a single knot. But then again, by creating a double knot, you will be able to secure it properly and end up looking more appealing.

    The Braided Topknot – In the recent seasons, the topknot was seen a lot of times in runways. The styles are from sleek, high, to even messier birds nest like hairstyle. A lot of runway models wore this hairstyle. Now, it is not that hard to create this look. First, you have to make sure that your hair is well textured. You can have this effect by simply spraying mousse. You can then tilt your head forward, and begin braiding from bottom to the top. Make sure that your braid is raised. You can do this by simply weave a strand of hair under instead of over. Just continue the process, until you reach the top of your head’s hairline. When you’re there, all you have to do is to grab the remaining hair, and let it sit on top of your head and twist it to a small knot. Use bobby pins to secure your top knot, and finish the long hairstyle with some spray.

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